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Friday, December 31, 2010

MIA: Nance Cemtery, Grainger County, TN

So we drove on one lane backroads all over Grainger County...all to get to the intersection of Howell & Reece Road. Trust me, when I say one-lane backroads I mean roads that were more like paved trails through the woods. We went onto Reece Road a little ways until we got to an old white house. There we parked and got out. No cemetery anywhere in sight. One way on the road went up to a house with a "no-tresspassing" sign. The other way was a muddy two-track down the side of the hill. I walked down this a little until I came to another "no-tresspassing" sign. Thus, we gave up. No luck. After that disheartening trip (and the one to try and find gravestones for a person on we gave up and came home.
I get so irritated not being able to find cemeteries. Its not like they just disappear!! Humans enter the equation at some point and either by moving the stones, failing to mark them well in the first place or not tending the cemetery itself they vanish.
If a cemetery is on your land I think that you should NOT be able to lay claim to it and label it "no tresspassing"! That is horrendous. The land really isn't yours anyway. In fact those that are buried on that land have more claim to it than you do. They are the ones who labored to change it from a vast wilderness to cleared pastures and hollers for your to build your home or park your disgusting double-wide on.

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